IBM Watson Breaks New Ground for Service

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IBM Watson Engagement Advisor Brings Supercomputing Power to Customer Support

IBM Watson Engagement Advisor redefines the delivery of customer service. This new supercomputer processes huge amounts of data and “understands” it with astounding speed. It puts correct contextual response on its content, analyzing evidence and computing accurately by weighting the response confidence level. Watson is analogous to having a “genius” in the room putting out correct information to deliver responses to complex queries. Its computing abilities make other information analysis applications appear less exceptional. Importantly, Watson provides an opportunity for companies to transform how they deliver support to customers. It may finally be the breakthrough application that supercharges the adoption of self-service. While not every customer service organization may need such powerful computing, the potential breakthroughs are unlimited and deserve a closer look.


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The case for investing in five emerging technologies for extraordinary customer service

SAN FRANCISCO CA – May 16, 2013 Constellation Research, Inc. the research and advisory firm focused on disruptive technologies announced today the publication of “Compelling Investments for Extraordinary Service”, by Constellation Vice President and Principal Analyst, Elizabeth Herrell. This report helps customer service organizations identify quantifiable value for deploying emerging technologies and steps to build a business case for justifying new investments

This report highlights five key technologies that all customer service organizations should evaluate as these technologies create new revenues, lower service costs, and positively enhance customer experience.