Company culture: the secret ingredient in the creation of the industry's leading HRtech products

Future of Work Visionaries panel at Constellation's Connected Enterprise. Four future of work executives share their companies' approaches to producing the industry's most intuitive and innovative HR products.

[Video]Data Data to Decisions Visionaries panel at Constellation's Connected Enterprise. Three data executives share their takeaways from their lengthy careers in big data/analytics.

[Video] Today's healthcare industry focuses primarily on the "cure and care" with significantly less attention paid to prevention. Richie Etwaru explains how cloud and mobile technology can shift the healthcare paradigm to focus on prevention, thereby resulting in better, cheaper, perfectly-tailored healthcare for all.

The following is the 18min talk I gave at Constellation Connected Enterprise on how to move social from being a stand-alone service for sharing, to integrating social features into the business tools that your company relies on the run your business.

Matrix CommerceGood news--the Connected Enterprise recordings are out! I'll highlight one new recording from Constellation's Connected Enterprise every day. Don't miss out on all the technology adoption tips, disruptive business models, actionable recommendations, and inspiration.

First up: Matrix Commerce Visionaries.

In this video, three executives discuss Matrix Commerce and how their companies are tackling the rapidly changing commerce ecosystem.

At CCE 2013 author Jane McGonigal described the benefits of games and also advocated using them solve to real world problems.
What I learned at Constellation Research's Connected Enterprise Event about from Chris Meyer about US Capitalism and how to fix it

At the end of his talk Meyer predicted that new types of businesses – networked enterprises, hybrids, not-for-profit, and emerging market newcomers – will usher in a new and very possibly better form of capitalism that replaces the runaway capitalism of today by becoming less obsessed with return on equity and using broad-based measurements of success.

The question is, when this happens where do you want to be?

The week of 2013 October 28 was a big one for Paxata, Inc. Founded in January of 2012, followed by advisories, beta customers also known as "Pax Pros", and 12 sprints, Paxata quietly released their first GA product in May of 2013. With panels and debuts at the Strata + Hadoop conference in New York and other events, leading up to announcements and demonstrations at the Constellation Connected Enterprise at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California, Paxata officially left stealth mode, publicly discussing: ...

Sure, life's great at the top, but did you ever wonder what it's like to be a CIO in Silicon Valley--a region known for it's technological brain trust and early adopter approach to technology? With the CIO role changing due to business priorities and disruptive technologies, the modern CIO has his or her hands full just adapting to these changes. Add in Silicon Valley's infamous brain power and the expectation that new technologies will be rapidly adopted, and you're dealing with a whole new high-pressure animal. Join us at Constellation's Connected Enterprise as CIOs from HP, VMWare, Box, and Tesla share their insights --the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a CIO at the epicenter of innovation. 

Are you tired of being lectured? So are we! That's why Constellation's Connected Enterprise's best practices panels feature executives who are actually using the disruptive technologies we hear so much about. Get pragmatic advice from early adopters who have first hand experience implementing a range of disruptive technologies and innovative business models. From collaboration to BYOD to predicitive analytics, these executive panels can tell you the good, the bad, and the overhyped. 

On the agenda this year...